LodgeWorks is a privately held hotel company with a rich and storied history. We’ve been brand innovators (Residence Inn, Summerfield Suites, Hotel Sierra, AVIA and now Archer). We’ve developed more than 120 hotels and always delivered industry leading guest satisfaction. Many of us have spent most of our careers together, 30 years and counting for some, with fresh new talent drawn to this spirited culture of entrepreneurs.

Our Capabilities


LodgeWorks has built a well-earned reputation as a premier hospitality development company – from site selection and approvals to creating win-win strategies in mixed-use projects.

Our development strategies and synergies allow us to bring the best product to a market – be it our Archer Hotel brand or a premier national hospitality brand. LodgeWorks has cultivated strong franchise partnerships with Hyatt Hotels Corporation, developing and operating Hyatt Place and Hyatt house projects, as well as with Hilton Hotels and Starwood.


We have a proven track record of best-in-industry guest satisfaction and maximizing owner returns through experienced field operations and a highly sophisticated corporate team. Top-line revenue growth is driven by a strong sales culture and asset-focussed brand contribution. Cost control is structured and meticulous with labor and expense tracking by line item. Owners get the benefit of customizable reporting and a shared stake in real results. Our reputation is only as good as our daily results – and its a daily priority.


Grounded in Midwestern hospitality (yes, we’re based in Wichita, Kansas) and driven by an always present spirit to innovate, LodgeWorks has created a culture that draws and keeps incredible talent. Over the years, we’ve created 5 brands, transformed hospitality categories and achieved results that have fueled a 30-year legacy. Most importantly through it all, we’ve launched careers, supported families and had more fun doing it than you can imagine.

Our Timeline

View all the significant events and milestones that have helped define LodgeWorks as brand incubators with an exciting story that’s still unfolding…