Coveted Culture

Ours is one-of-a-kind company culture that attracts talented “doers” who are passionate about making a difference every day. Hotel management teams have significant control over the business they operate, backed by the expertise of an immensely talented corporate support team.


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Rewarding Careers

At LodgeWorks, we believe that an exceptional guest experience is the direct result of an exceptional work experience – and we’re committed to creating an environment where passionate professionals can really thrive. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact hotels directly for employment and career opportunities. For hotels under construction, please forward inquiries to [email protected]

Please note: All interviews and hourly associate job offers will be communicated by the hotel hiring staff direct to the candidate; HR will provide the offer letters for all management associates.

LodgeWorks Partners - top leaders of our hotel company


Archer Hotel New York’s name is being used in a fraud scheme in which thieves claim to be Archer Hotel New York’s general manager and offer fake employment opportunities as a means to defraud potential victims. The fraudulent communications are designed to trick potential victims into revealing their personal information and to transfer funds to pay the costs of the employment process. Archer Hotels does not require any job applicant to pay an application or other fee. The fraudulent emails may appear to be from legitimate Archer Hotel New York email accounts. To appear genuine, these emails may contain copied logos and graphics, authentic looking information about an employment opportunity at Archer Hotel New York, and fake email addresses that are deceptively similar to the Archer Hotel New York’s real email addresses. We are diligently evaluating all reports of potential fraud and we are taking appropriate action when we find evidence of fraud. If you think you are a victim of this fraud, please contact Archer Hotels at [email protected] or call us at 316.691.5292.

Enjoy Your Stay

We’ve surrounded ourselves with talented and energetic individuals who feel like family, not just co-workers. The camaraderie is just one of many reasons employees love to stay. Our partners on average have a tenure of 23 years, and among the rest of the company, 16 years.

It's a Joy

Work hard, play hard. While it takes passion and dedication to build hotels, we have fun every step of the way. Community outreach, company BBQ’s and outings assure that you approach work recharged and ready to tackle anything. After all, you know what they say about loving what you do…

Diverse group of LodgeWorks team at restaurant